The Beta - Security Testing

The Beta - Security Testing


Data Recovery

Data loss can churn out even to the best of the five star rated storage devices and confer you sleepless nights. Accidental dropping or mishandling, power stoppage, hardware malfunction and computer viruses are the horrendous driving force for any individual. Whether you uses a pen drive to store simple photos or an urbane hospitals storing patient records that can result in partial or total data loss. However, ALFA BETA GAMMA data recovery services can get your files back alive and well. So don’t panic, It's better to be late than never, without any delay approach us straight away, we are here to help you recover your valuable digitized moments.

We are here to help you when you face the following discrepancies over hidden, missing, corrupted or deleted data.

  • BSOD Laptops
  • Formatted Memory Cards
  • Factory Reset Mobile Phones
  • Pen Drives with only NewFolder.exe
  • PC shows "Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"
  • Hard Drives producing cadenced sounds

We do not overpromise god mode recovery, but your mislaid data can be recovered by means of the a good number apt data recovery tools and techniques from our expertise, but only if the storage device still has some pulse. We not only assure risk-free data recovery, but also follow certain strong ethics to protect the privacy and security of your data. The vigilant rejuvenation of your priceless data will consume time with respect to the number of the valuable customers in queue and the intricacy of your storage device. No matter how you back up your data, always remember the following 3-tier thumb rule:

  1. Off-site endorsement in
  2. Diverse media types with
  3. Different copies of your data

Are you ready to take your security to the next level?

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