The Beta - Security Testing

The Beta - Security Testing

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Over the past decade, Open Source INTelligence (OSINT) and SOCial Media INTelligence (SOCMINT) gathers data from the chock-full information publicly available on the internet to create intelligence most often in the form of early indicators and words of warning to prevent cyber attacks in near future.

Our team of OSINT-SOCMINT experts supported by the latest technological solutions, legitimately screen the open source information available on social media in order to find out the purported adversary digital footprints that may be a symbol of a security alarm for your company. Screening is accomplished all the way through precise semantics and accurate geo-locations with respect to the intelligence requisite from the patron. Assessment is accomplished in real time with ABG services via normalized social media accounts, testimonials, video recordings, FTP documents, witness interviews, blog articles and other published materials.

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