The Beta - Security Testing

The Beta - Security Testing

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is a systematic analysis of security weaknesses in an information system. We evaluate if the system is susceptible to any known vulnerabilities, assigns severity levels to those vulnerabilities, and recommends remediation or mitigation, if and whenever needed.Today, minimizing your attack surface and overall risk exposure requires a continuous approach that increases visibility over vulnerabilities and enables rapid remediation. This is what exactly we do, contact us for free trail.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is the process of discovering and exploiting security vulnerabilities. Simulating the behaviour of a real cybercriminal, a penetration test (pen test) will uncover the critical security issues of your systems. Do you want to know how these vulnerabilities will be exploited – as well as steps required to fix them before they are exploited for real and worried about your organization status, Contact us for real time testing and hardening your IT infrastructure.

Secure Code Review

Secure Code Review is a process where we identify the insecure piece of code which may cause a potential vulnerability in a later stage of the software development process, ultimately leading to an insecure application. A small loophole or logical flaw in your source code will compromise the entire system. It’s better to review the source code starting early and removing code errors before they turn into security risks will be rewarded by lower software maintenance costs.


Over the past decade, Open Source INTelligence (OSINT) and SOCial Media INTelligence (SOCMINT) gathers data from the chock-full information publicly available on the internet to create intelligence most often in the form of early indicators and words of warning to prevent cyber attacks in near future.

Online Reputation Management Services

Your brand’s reputation is well-deserved. We protect it from a digital distresses.swiftness is what makes the change when it comes to protecting your brand's online reputation. We keep an eye on the feeds, pay attention and act in response to numerous online social media conversations for maintaining the digital identities of a variety of leading vendors across our jurisdiction.

ISO Audit

An audit in the context of ISO standards is the process of making sure a certain business system or feature, whether a process itself, a quality management or business process management system, or a product, is compliant to certain requirement.

Data Recovery

Data loss can churn out even to the best of the five star rated storage devices and confer you sleepless nights. Accidental dropping or mishandling, power stoppage, hardware malfunction and computer viruses are the horrendous driving force for any individual. Whether you uses a pen drive to store simple photos or an urbane hospitals storing patient records that can result in partial or total data loss. However, ALFA BETA GAMMA data recovery services can get your files back alive and well. So don’t panic, It's better to be late than never, without any delay approach us straight away, we are here to help you recover your valuable digitized moments.

AWS Hosting & Testing

We'll manage your AWS cloud infrastructure and the security of your information while you focus on growing your business. Get complete peace of mind with our managed AWS cloud hosting services and security testing.

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